In 2016, LG looks pretty aggressive to compete in the realm of Android smartphones in Indonesia. Quite a lot of the latest products released by LG, including most new with top specifications, the V20.

But this time, we will discuss other LG smartphones that rely on large batteries as its main selling points. Yes, especially if not LG X Power. Curious as to what are the advantages? Check out his review below:


The sleek design, equipped with a Quick Cover

Smartphone with large batteries are usually synonymous with design bongsor or thick. Fortunately not all so, and LG X Power including those not. This smartphone remains slim design and overall arguably quite pretty with ergonomic angles.

When gripped, LG X Power quite fit in the hand of adults and easily operated with one hand. Thin this smartphone is passable. 7,9mm thickness, weighing only 139 grams that we think is relatively light for a smartphone with a large battery.

Frame of LG X Power has a charming touches like metal. Its back cover can not be removed because it carries the concept unibody. Keep in mind that LG X Power does not have a softkey on the bottom of the screen. Back and Home function can be accessed directly from the virtual keys on the screen.

Interestingly, in the sales package LG provide additional casing called Quick Cover Case. The casing has a transparent field to facilitate the monitoring of various notifications, battery status, hour, and accept and reject calls without having to open the cover.

When Quick Cover Case is attached, LG X Power still looks sleek and remains comfortable to operate. You can fold the lid to the back easily so do not bother if it wanted to hold with one hand.

LG X Power comes with IPS screen measuring 5.3 inches with a resolution of HD (720 x 1280 pixels). There is nothing special about this screen, but it is sufficient to facilitate a variety of daily necessities.

It looks quite sharp and clear color pleasing to the eye. In addition, the LG X Power screen feels responsive to the touch. Unfortunately, the screen is still surrounded by a black bezel that is fortunately not too wide so as not to interfere.

For use in the sun, LG X Power feels less bright and somewhat difficult to read the writing on the screen. However, LG did not forget immerse ambient light sensor to adjust screen brightness automatically. The screen itself is still felt reflective outdoors, but not in an annoying level.

Turning to the audio, LG X Power does not seem to make this sector as its flagship. Not that bad, but there is no advanced features. The sound quality of his own speakers was clear and passable for listening to music or watching video.

About the operating system, LG X Power brings Android 6.0 Marshmallow written with latest user interface, LG UX 5.0. Comes without the app drawer, the UI looks simple but still interesting and rich enough useful features.

Call it a sort of quick notes feature that allows you to doodle screen and save it as a note or just media to channel ideas. In addition, the virtual buttons below the screen can also be replaced, for example, adding notification button and capture key. You can install up to a total of 5 virtual buttons at once. You can also access several apps directly from the lock screen page.

As mentioned above, when Quick Cover attached you get to see a lot of information directly from the field of transparency. For example, time and date, weather, notifications, and more. In fact, you can simply lift the phone call and stop the alarm from the Quick Cover.

The only drawback we found was a matter of security systems. LG X Power does not have a fingerprint sensor that has already become a standard feature on smartphones for over $ 200.

Standard Camera

As a smartphone with a tag of 2 million rupiah, I wonder if the LG X Power is not equipped with a camera on board. However, armed with 13-megapixel sensor on the back complete with support autofocus and flash and 5 megapixel camera on the front, we felt what was offered was sufficient.

Mediocre Performance

LG X Power armed with MediaTek MT6735 SoC quad-core processor speed 1.3 GHz with 2 GB of RAM support. Surely it would be more interesting if RAM is increased to 3 GB. While the internal memory capacity of 16 GB and can be expanded via microSD up to 2 TB.Secara performance, LG X Power is underpowered, especially when compared to some of its competitors in the same price range. For example, redmi Note 3 with Snapdragon 650.

For standard needs like browsing, chat, social media, watching videos, and other applications including light gaming, LG X Power is still reliable. For heavy 3D games is still passable, though certainly not the most seamless.

Still curious about the performance of LG X Power? Here we present the results of testing of several application benchmarks:

Battery Satisfying

Carrying the name of Power to make battery as the primary offering, I wonder if the smartphone is successfully performed satisfactorily in the sector. Armed with a 4100 mAh battery, the LG X Power are considered to have a satisfactory power advocates.

To use a standard LG X Power can accompany your activity up to a full day, or even up to a day later (depending on usage styles). Results of testing using PC Mark (battery test) also showed steady!

Even more interesting, do not forget to immerse LG Quick Charge 2.0 features so you're not waiting too long for a full battery recharge time. When the battery is less than 10 percent, to fill to the brim only takes about 2 hours.

Playing in the middle class to put up prices at 2 millions of rupiah, LG X Power is a serious challenger to rivals in the same range. What is offered is clearly evident smartphone, the battery! Categories that are sought after by users with super mobile and need a battery that can be relied upon to accompany a day of activity.

Interestingly, the 4100 mAh battery LG still can pack X Power with gorgeous. You do not like thick and heavy smartphone can make LG X Power as a spending target. Moreover, LG provides a fairly complete sales package includes the Quick Cover that we think tempting.

Sold for $ 193,7, LG X Power is suitable for those who do not bother to bring the power of banks and find a power source when traveling, but still expect a smartphone with a slim design and light weight.
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